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Sonar Technology

One of the many improvements made to the Desperado in 2023 included the addition of full circle scanning sonar. The Furuno Omni CSH-8L MARK-2 Full-Circle Scanning Sonar is a compact, high frequency sonar with state-of-the-art discernment between the seabed and fish.

Using sonar technology allows Captain Blount to rapidly detect schools of fish, individual fish, and changing underwater conditions. It allows the captain to make informed decisions regarding where to fish, how deep to fish, and what type of structures to focus on. Sonar technology improves the chances of locating fish, increases catch rates and enhances the overall fishing experience.

The transducer of a scanning sonar consists of many elements to transmit the echo in all directions at the same time without rotating the transducer. The echo is redrawn on the display immediately based on the more recent feedback from the transducer. This quick scanning sonar greatly improves the fishing experience, specifically when searching for, or following, fast swimming fish.

The CSH-5L MARK-2 completes a scan within 0.54 seconds/scan while the conventional PPI sonar*1 takes 32 seconds to train full circle under the same range/conditions*2.
About 60 times more information is provided compared to a PPI sonar.

*1 CH-250 PPI sonar, training at 6° steps.
*2 Based on 400 m range in combination display mode

Scanning sonar actually shows 360 degrees around the boat, giving it all the necessary information needed. Thre are no blind areas which allows the captain to concentrate on the fishing area.