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Seakeeper Technology

The Desperado recently installed a Seakeeper, an anti-boat roll stabilizer that uses power to prevent motion during each outing.

Along with a flywheel that spins up to 557 mph, the Seakeeper features advanced technology that instinctively reacts to the movement of the ocean, reducing the likelihood of seasickness, anxiety, and fatigue. This new improvement to the Desperado allows you to focus on what you came to do – catch fish!

The addition of the Seakeeper permits Captain Blount to safely navigate the waters and offer you the best possible fishing adventure. The stability the Seakeeper provides offers more opportunity, as putting off charters due to a little bit of choppy water will be a thing of the past!

Steadiness on your feet provides an advantage during your entire charter, from rigging the lines to reeling in a big fish – perform your best on your Desperado Charter thanks to the Seakeeper!

Preventing up to 95% of boat motion, the Seakeeper fully changes your charter experience to one that can only be described as flawless. Whether the waves are spread out and small, or large and constant, the Seakeeper keeps the boat floating evenly – making for smooth sailing on the Desperado.

More information about the Seakeeper can be found HERE